“Practicing Architecture is all about Service - providing ideas, creative solutions for unique conditions and most importantly listening to client's thoughts and wishes. – Rudy Bertolino”

Architectural Services

Architecture is a profession in which technical knowledge, management, and an understanding of business are as important as design. There are many parts to developing a project concept and I will be your single point of contact from design through construction management.

Conceptual Design

This is the stage where ideas start to evolve into architectural drawings and study models. The focus narrows in on the elements of a structure and then unifies them into a well-designed whole. We begin to find out what will really work for your project.

Permit Expedition

Obtaining and expediting the building permit and zoning process involves experience with building department applications, and a strong relationship with local building departments to navigate through regulatory compliance.

Historic Reseach & Preservation

Historic properties often need repair or improvements to meet current-day standards for safety, accessibility or function. Specific knowledge of repair techniques and resources for historic materials are necessary to maintain the historic value of a property. Your property will receive the best historical research and building technology available today.

architectural tools

Master Planning

Master plans of professional architects are usually composed of site plans, phased and final floor plans, exterior views of the building, and artistic renderings that depict your project in its various phases.

The master plan is the picture, which is then broken down into its various phases of construction. By knowing what each component of the master plan will be, costly mistakes and needless expenses can be prevented.

Design Development

In the architectural design development phase your project is refined into a final design with individual attention given to each aspect and detail. The conceptual design ideas are brought into focus, solidifying design issues in preparation for your construction documents.

Construction Documents

In the construction documents stage, preparation of the necessary drawings, written specifications and other documents needed by the contractor to price and build your project are produced. These documents are also required for a building permit. The goal is to produce complete and accurate construction documents so construction can move smoothly and efficiently.

Construction Management

The management phase of construction involves the art of orchestrating the successful completion of your project objectives. This entails observing the site progress for your project and maintaining the conformity with design intentions and contract documents.